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Based In Peace River And Capable Of Serving All Of Alberta.
We Have A Good Stock Of Rig Mats, Spruce, Fir, And Oak Access Mats.
We Also Offer Pipeline Blocking And Custom Steel Manufacturing.

3 Ply Laminated 8’ x 14’ Fir/Hybrid Mat Information

Note: On our Hybrids we use Oak on the 4 outside leading edges unless your request is different, all of
this information pertains to both Hybrid and Standard Thick Fir 3-Ply Mats

A. Lumber Info.

  1. The Fir portion of our mats are custom cut for our mats.
  2. All will be graded on a #1/SS wane restriction which is virtually wane free, tight knot and
    minimal to no split. This is our grading system that we have put implemented for
    appearance and strength.
  3. The Fir is oversized to 1-3/4” x 7-3/4” +/- 1/16” (commonly fir will we 1-1/2” x 7-1/2”). Our
    thickness and sizing will be very consistent through each mat.
  4. With the consistent sizing we have a good level surface with no tripping hazard.
  5. With our choice of lumber having no white spec, bark or wane we cut out the rotting aspect
    in the field with our mats.

B. Bolt Info.

  1. We use a 174 pce. engineered carriage bolt pattern for maximum holding strength per mat.
  2. All outside boards are double bolted on a staggered pattern which keeps our mats from
    diamonding in the field.
  3. Our carriage bolts are individually seated by hand on the top face of the mat and flushed to
    the lumber. No bolt heads stick out to risk breaking.
  4. We use custom length carriage bolts on our mats. A lot of companies are using longer bolts
    and use break off bars to snap off the excess length which will loosen the tightness of the
    mats and can weaken the integrity of the bolt.
  5. We use 1” flanged nuts that are 100% recessed. The industry standard is 11/16”, with the 1”
    flanged nut it adds strength to the mats.
  6. All bolts are drilled perpendicular.
  7. We have no ovaling of bolt holes, weakens mats.
  8. Over 200% greater holding surface versus the standard mats.

C. Finished Product

  1. With the quality of lumber, attention to detail, high strength bolts, 1” flanged nuts and our
    quality control, we have no problems with diamond shaping in the field. Not to say that our
    mats can’t be diamond shaped, if our mats were dropped on the corners numerous times
    over and over they could diamond shape them but for normal use our hybrid and fir mats
    are the most durable mat in the industry and diamond shaping in our mats is nonexistent.
  2. 22 pcs. of 14’ boards per mat.
  3. Custom layout of 21 pcs. of center core 8’ boards using our signature 7.7.7 layout. This
    provides greater shear strength and less deflection.
  4. Our spacing between the 14’ boards will be between 5/8” and ¾” which will not cause a
    tripping hazard. Most mats on the market have between 1-1/2” and 2” which can cause a
    tripping hazard.
  5. Steel framed jigs are utilized with metal tabs or spacers to ensure a consistent mat every
  6. There is a strict quality control process in place with responsibility falling on each mat
    assembly team.
  7. Teams are kept consistent to optimize quality control at each jig and to improve daily mat
  8. Our hybrid mats will weigh aprox 2000 #’s per mat. Our Fir mats will aprox. 1850-1900 #’s
    per mat.

3 Ply Laminated 8’ x 14’ Oak Mat Information

Lumber Info

  1. We are buying and using Red Oak family and White Oak family hardwood on our Mats. We feel like this is a difference maker in a lot of situations.
    1. A lot of mats we have seen out there will use mixes including Gum, Hackberry, Aspen, Poplar, Basswood among others, we DON’T allow these species.
  2. The lumber sizing will be full 1-3/4” x 7-3/4” +/- 1/8”. Our thickness and sizing will be consistent through each mat.
  3. All mats are end trimmed on site before manufacturing to exactly 8’ and 14’ lengths.
  4. Here are the criteria we use for the grade of material.
    1. We are using a very tight highline grade rule. We call for very light to no wane.
    2. 4 square edges and solid boards.
    3. No rot allowed.
    4. No bug holes allowed
    5. Fairly tight knot.
    6. Minimal to no split.

Bolt Info

  1. We use a 174 piece carriage bolt pattern for maximum hold strength per mat.
    1. Can handle any custom mat layout required upon request.
  2. Bolts are 3/8” x 5 ½”, with a 3/8” washer and 3/8” nut.
  3. All outside boards are double bolted to keep our mats from diamonding in the field.
  4. Bolts are countersunk to insure a flat working surface and no risk of breaking in the field.

Finished Mat

  1. With the high quality lumber and attention to detail during the fabrication process you are
    getting the best mat money can buy.
  2. Steel framed jigs are used with metal spacers to ensure each mat is consistent throughout the
    entire fabrication process.
  3. Fabrication teams are kept consistent throughout to improve quality control and efficiency which in turn delivers you a better mat at a better price.

Rig Mats Information

Our rig mats are filled with SPF #2 and better 6 X 6 timbers. Timbers are notched on site. Rails and crossbeams are W6 X 15 beam. Steel is stored indoors in a heated facility and all waste is recycled.

Willy’s Mats offers top quality innovative mat solutions serving oil, gas and mining industries. Customer satisfaction is our top priority. We offer a wide range of mats using only the highest grade materials. We take pride in designing and building mats to meet your individual

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