Fast Hotshot Trucking Service

Hotshot Trucking Service

Hotshot Freight Shipping

Equipped to ship your freight faster.

When your freight requires fast hotshot trucking, Willy’s Trucking Service has got your back.

By working with our freight shipping experts, you can get your shipment there in no time flat, whether it’s one large box, a full truckload or a crucial piece for the project at hand.

Tell us what you’re shipping and when you need it there, and we’ll show you how to get it delivered fast. If it is time-sensitive and crucial to your project please Call Us Now.

How Does It Work?

When you have a shipment that needs to arrive ASAP, we are often able to fulfill very quickly and get your shipment to the consignee. We include GPS Tracking on your shipment to increase transparency. 

We are experts in the “Final Mile” option, and we take advantage of cross-docking or short-term warehouse options. 

We also have internal processes for marking your shipments “hot” so they get priority tracking and extra attention from your dedicated team of Willy’s Trucking Freight Experts!

Each Hotshot shipment looks different depending on your needs, the type of freight, and the options available. 

Our team works hard every day to open up as many options as we can so that you get the highest quality freight experience possible.

Get A Hotshot Trucking Quote

We’ve made it easy to get the best hotshot trucking rate. Get an overnight shipping quote by filling out our fast and easy quote form. From there, it’s easy to convert your quote into a shipment and get your shipment on its way.

Accessible Tracking Tools

Once your shipment is in transit, we make it easy to track from pickup to delivery. Tracking eases peace of mind, especially with a time-sensitive hotshot trucking shipment.

Every minute counts and our team keeps you up-to-date with information about where your freight is located and when it will arrive. 

If there are any delays in transit, we notify you immediately and work with the driver to correct the issue quickly.

Committed Service

Willy’s Trucking Service has a team of experienced freight experts that can assist you and your hotshot trucking shipment in any way necessary.

From pre-pickup to transit, and then post-delivery, our team is one phone call away.

We understand that there can be a lot of maintenance on an hotshot shipment, and we pride ourselves in offering one-on-one assistance to make sure your shipping experience is successful and stress-free.

Experience great pricing and amazing service from Willy’s Trucking Service team.

Shipments And Counting


We pride ourselves in getting freight quotes back to you
faster than anyone in the industry.

No Hidden Fees

There’s no cost or hidden fees to use our service. Simply pay actual freight costs.

Damage Free Freight

We take away the stress of a shipment gone wrong by covering all claims up to $5,000. Let us take care of your freight with superior communication along the way.

Why choose Willy’s Trucking Service?

Deep Freight Discounts

Access incredible savings from Willy’s Trucking Service. We are a qualified, vetted freight carrier that will get your freight delivered safely, on-time, and for a great price.

Service First Approach

Our Operations have been molded to be proactive, rather than reactive. We strive to provide a quality freight experience for our customers.

Stress-Free Guarantee

From getting a freight quote to booking, tracking and the bill auditing process. We take the headache out of your logistics and make these challenging processes as efficient and easy as possible.

Damage-Free Guarantee

We are so confident in our service we cover all claims up to $5,000. We take the stress our of shipping your freight and make sure the leg work get’s done.

See how much time and money you'll save by having our experts help manage your freight.