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Over the years that we have been involved in the LTL Freight business, there are some tips that I feel all Pickup and Delivery ( P&D) drivers need to be aware of and apply to their daily routines.
I hope these tips are useful, and that you will find that when applied in the long run that not only for you as a driver but for the company it can save a lot of headaches, and it will also help us provide the best level of quality service for our customers.

  1. If you are picking up a fully loaded trailer from a customer that had been spotted there for loading, make sure that before you sign off the BOL that you mark on it in front of the customer shipper’s load and count.
  2. If you are picking up freight look to see if it’s something that is at risk of damage i.e.: uncrated motorcycle, toolbox on wheels. If so then advise the customer that it will have to go shipped at the owner’s risk and mark it on the BOL and have them initial it and you as the driver initial it as well.
  3. If you are picking up at a customer and it again says a toolbox for example used, make sure the BOL clearly states used. This can save on any possible claim issues.
  4. When delivering to a customer if you know there is damage to a box but chances are product is good, even if the damage is just a small hole. HAVE the customer check the product well you are there, do not let them mark subject to inspection that does not protect the customer allowing for damage claims at later date. Good customer service will be to get them to inspect the product well there so if there is a claim it can be expedited.
  5. If delivering, and there is damage make sure to mark on the delivery invoice what is damaged be descriptive. Do Not Put for Example box crushed. Put box crushed then what the actual product was on the delivery invoice have customer initial it and you as driver initial it.
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Fuel Surcharges

Willy’s Trucking Service offers LTL and TL freight service to many communities in northern Alberta and BC, and as such we are directly impacted by changes in fuel prices. Fuel surcharges are applied on all services unless otherwise noted.
Updates to surcharges made periodically.
We adjust fuel surcharges periodically as fuel prices change. When changes are applied they will be reflected on your invoice.

May 25th, 2022
  • Up to 9,999 lbs – 46.2%
  • Over 10,000 lbs – 70.4%
  • and is subject to change at any time.

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