Liftgates, Straight Trucks, & Residential Shipping

Lift Gates LTL Shipping

Written by Willy Schmidt

Willy started with one gravel truck in 2007 and soon added the second truck to the gravel haul. Today (2020) He owns and operates 4 terminal locations in Edmonton, Grande Prairie, Peace River, And Fort St, John with his partner Bernard.

May 20, 2020

Liftgates, Straight Trucks, & Residential Shipping

What’s up with Liftgates?

We here at Willy’s Trucking Service we talk about liftgates a lot, and so we wanted to provide some serious clarity about what they are, when they’re used, and other bits of information you should know if you’re looking to use liftgates for your LTL.

What is a Liftgate?

It’s a lift on the back of trucks used in LTL shipping that moves the freight on and off the truck. Think of it as a freight elevator.

The majority of LTL shipments have a minimum weight of 100 pounds. You throw in that LTL shipments are commonly packaged on standard-sized pallets and you’ve got a heavy and unwieldy bit of freight.

This is where the liftgate comes in handy. If you don’t have a shipping dock available (where you can load and unload the freight using a forklift or other machinery), you’re going to need help getting freight that large off the back of a carrier truck.

While most shippers have access to a forklift and/or loading docks, there is a large group of customers that regularly need liftgates: LTL shipments picking up or delivering to residences.

There’s a lot to know about residential shipping, but suffice to say, a residential pick up or delivery will ALWAYS require a liftgate.

The good news is that most trucks used in residential shipping already have a liftgate on the back of the truck. We usually call these trucks “box trucks” or “straight trucks.”

The bad news is that, like residential shipping, there will be an additional charge for using a liftgate at both pickup and delivery. Usually the charge is under $50, however each carrier will have their own pricing.

Until next time, have a great day!

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