Why You Should Look For Value Over Price in Freight

Price Over Value In Freight

Written by Willy Schmidt

Willy started with one gravel truck in 2007 and soon added the second truck to the gravel haul. Today (2020) He owns and operates 4 terminal locations in Edmonton, Grande Prairie, Peace River, And Fort St, John with his partner Bernard.

March 17, 2020

Value Over Price in Freight Shipping… Is It Worth It?

Are you a price shopper when it comes to freight shipping? Did you know you could actually be losing money in the long run if you choose your freight shipper based on a better price? Let’s dive into why value should exceed the price every time.

Especially when It comes to shipping your freight effectively, reliably, and efficiently.

The words value and price are not synonymous, especially when it comes to freight shipping. At Willy’s Trucking Service, we’re interested in offering value over price. What does this mean?

First, let’s look at a hypothetical shipper to better explain the difference between value over price in the freight shipping industry.

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Price Over Value | Willy’s Trucking Service

The Beginners Freight Shipping Experience

Let’s say that you’re a new business owner, one who will need to ship freight on a pretty regular basis (Anywhere from every day, to a few times a week or a few more times a month). How do you start?

You might think the smart move is to find a list of ten or so freight carriers or brokers, blast out your shipping information, wait a few hours for all ten quotes to come back, and then save $15.00 on a shipment that costs $200.00 upfront.

Let’s say that the carrier selected doesn’t provide insurance, and your freight is damaged in transit. Or delayed because the carrier doesn’t have a liftgate. Or held up because of capacity and market woes.

To see 6 LTL Freight Shipping Mistakes You Don’t Want To Make… or Could Already Be Making Check out this article from Freight Quote. 6 LTL Freight shipping mistakes you could be making.

How do you fix the problem? Who do you contact? How do you get to the person who can help you, instead of being transferred again and again? Ask yourself, Are these headaches worth $15.00?

The answer is mostly likely a resounding No!

In the freight world, the lowest price isn’t always the best value. In fact, it rarely is. And this is where a freight shipping carrier like Willy’s Trucking Service comes in. We offer value. We abide by the age-old adage, You get what you pay for. Using a consistent freight carrier helps you avoid additional charges and delays, and can get you special freight shipping rates for future shipments.

You have a team set up for freight tracking, invoice issues, pickup and delivery reports, overnight and hotshot shipping, etc. These are indicators of value, and if you’re a freight shipper, these are what you should be looking for.

Maybe you’re only looking to move one piece of freight; a one-time deal. If that’s the case, maybe you’re willing to deal with the headaches and hiccups of the freight industry for that extra $15.00. But if you’re a shipper that’s going to be continually moving freight, save money in the long run, and partner with a freight carrier.

Find the right value, and the price, well the price will pay for itself. (Especially when you partner with Willy’s trucking service.)

By the way, if you are freight shipping freight and you are in the early stages of learning how a great partnership with a carrier can help streamline your supply chain…

We at Willy’s Trucking Service would like to offer you a Free E-book: The beginner’s guide to freight shipping. This will give you the in’s and out’s from A to Z of the freight shipping industry. to make sure you are checking off your list value over price.

P.S. If you would like great value and amazing freight rates, feel free to download and fill out a form to open an account with us. On our resources page.

When you open the account with us you will automatically get 20% off all future shipments just for being a loyal shipper at Willy’s Trucking Service.

Until Next Time…

Happy Shipping!

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