Less Than Truckload Rates

Less Than Truckload Rates | What You Need For LTL Shipping Rates

Written by Willy Schmidt

Willy started with one gravel truck in 2007 and soon added the second truck to the gravel haul. Today (2020) He owns and operates 4 terminal locations in Edmonton, Grande Prairie, Peace River, And Fort St, John with his partner Bernard.

March 10, 2020

An (LTL) less than truckload shipping rate is based on several different factors. All of which we’ll go over in this article. If you’re unsure of how these relate to your product, just let us know and we’ll help you out!

Typically, an LTL quote will take up less than 12 feet of linear space on a truck. For those of you who don’t have truck dimensions tacked to your office walls, this equates to 6 standard size pallets, not stacked. A standard size pallet is typically 48” x 40” or sometimes 48” x 48”. If your less than load truckload shipment takes up more space than this, you may need a volume shipping quote or a full truckload quote.

Now that we’ve defined LTL, what exactly do we need to get accurate less than truckload rates? It comes down to 3 basic must-haves. Origin address, the destination address, and total weight (or cubed weight which we will go over in a later article). I can’t say this enough: THESE THREE PIECES OF INFORMATION ARE ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY. The locations and total weight are self-explanatory.

The actual vs cubed weight may be a bit more difficult to understand and will need this article. (Will be Linked When Available)

Truckload Shipping Rates Example

Example Of LTL Base Rates

Another vital piece of information for less than truckload rates is the mention of additional services. The standard LTL shipment is business-to-business and dock-to-dock. If you don’t have a shipping dock or forklift to get the pallets off the truck, you’ll need a lift-gate. (which can cost extra). Residential shipping also costs extra, as do several other things. Check out our Additional Services Cheat Sheet (named terms and conditions) for more information on these. They can change your freight quote and can make a difference in which carrier you select.

Less than truckload shipping has a lot of moving parts, and this article is just a primer. If you’re new to shipping, be sure to download our Beginner’s Freight Shipping Guide.

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Happy Truckload Shipping Rates!

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