Our History

Willy started with one gravel truck in 2007, and soon added the second truck to the gravel haul. Bernard had also owned and been around trucks for a number of years. It was really slow economic times and big ideas that started the process of a new freight service, Edmonton to Peace River. By September of 2009, the freight service was getting underway, and we were in for the challenge of a lifetime.

Willy’s Trucking Service started out in a shop just north of Grimshaw, Alberta. Bernard would type all the delivery bills before jumping in the truck to do the freight deliveries every morning, while Willy took care of business in Edmonton. At first things were really slow. We even made a few trips north in a pickup truck.
It was April 2011 when Bernard moved to Grande Prairie to start a branch with daily freight service from Edmonton as well. At this time Willy was still commuting back and forth, weekdays in Edmonton, weekends in Peace River. In June 2011 Willy moved to Edmonton to run the operations from the head office there.
In October of 2011, we bought out a local competitor in Peace River, which significantly increased our customer base there.

Over time we have hired a number of individuals with experience in the industry, which has been tremendous help for the company. We feel confident that we can provide a reliable freight service in the Peace Region for years to come.

Today we have 4 Depots, a fleet of 31 trucks, 60 trailers, and over 50 employees. Our goal is to be the most outstanding carrier in the transportation industry.

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