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Our Willy's Trucking has the capacity to meet all Your Transportation needs!


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Trucking Schedule

Pickups can be called in until the following times each day:

From Locations


Grande Prairie 3:30 PM
Peace River 3:00 PM
Edmonton 6:00 PM
Fort St John 3:00 PM
Dawson Creek 9:00 AM

Pickups called in after set times above may be picked up next day.


 Our Trucks have scheduled runs Daily Monday to Friday:

Daily Route


Peace River to Edmonton 4:00 PM
Peace River To Grande Prairie 4:00 PM
Grande Prairie to Edmonton 4:15 PM
Grande Prairie To Peace River 4:15 PM
Edmonton to Peace River 9:00 PM
Edmonton To Grande Prairie 9:00 PM
Edmonton To Fort St John 8:00 PM
Grande Prairie To Fort St John 2:00 AM
Edmonton To Dawson Creek 8:00 PM
Grande Prairie To Dawson Creek 4:00 AM

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